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So you’re interested in taking some lessons?

Great!! You are in luck! Southern California boasts many of the world’s greatest swing dance teachers. You need only decide what type of lessons you want to take!

Before I go any further …

I want to let you know that we have some pretty killer Thursday night weekly progressive lessons at Lindy Academy!! From the folks that bring you LindyGroove and Third Saturday Swing ..Lindy Academy is fun and in-depth progressive lessons every Thursday night from world class instructors followed by a night of dancing at one of the largest Lindy Hop venues in the nation!

Example video reviews of our Lindy Academy lessons:

Group Lessons, Venue Lessons, Private Lessons … Which Is Right For You?

The Lindy Academy provides quality group lessons at very affordable prices. But maybe group lessons aren’t for you?

There are three main types of lessons. Each has a different advantage and effectiveness. These lesson types are:

Venue Lessons
Group Lessons
Private Lessons

Here’s a brief description of each and then where you can find them!

Venue Lessons

Many swing dance venues will offer a free swing lesson with your cover charge. Most lessons will assume no previous swing dance knowledge and at the same time cover both some beginning moves and a slightly intermediate move. Venue lessons are not meant to be progressive but instead “one-shot” type lessons.

THIS IS GOOD FOR… those who are just curious about dancing, want to just try it out. Also good for those just curious about swing dancing in general. Great for those interested in a night of fun at a “social” atmosphere but different than a “club” atmosphere. Great for casual dancers as well that enjoy being part of the social scene.

Where To Go For Venue Lessons

These are swing dance venues which usually offer a free lesson:

Rusty’s Rhythm Club Wednesdays @ Playa Del Rey
LindyGroove Thursdays @ Pasadena
Do Something Blue last Saturdays @ Pasadena
Memories Fridays @ Whittier
Third Saturday Swing third Saturdays @ Pasadena
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association Saturdays @ Pasadena

Group Lessons

This is usually offered through a studio or by a teacher individually. These are usually done as a series with a series consisting of classes once a week for four to six weeks. Group lessons are usually progressive.

THIS IS GOOD FOR…those people who want to learn faster and want the closer attention of teachers. Group lessons are popular for three reasons: 1) affordability compared to private lessons, 2) an avenue to meet other like-minded dancers, and 3) they are progressive. Group lessons are also good for those folks that just like to take classes and do not necessarily like to go out social dancing.

Where To Go For Group Lessons

Check the links to find out where you can find some great group lessons.

Lindy Academy @ LindyGroove in Pasadena (Pasadena) <- THAT'S US!!

Rusty and her Rhythm Pals (Manhattan Beach)
Atomic Ballroom (Irvine)
Essex and Lee @ Memories (Whittier)
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association (Pasadena)

Private Lessons

Just what it sounds like, private lessons offer the ultimate in convenience and attention for the student.

THIS IS GOOD FOR…those people with “special circumstances” (e.g. weddings, auditions), those that appreciate the personal attention, and for those that are not satisfied or are beyond venue lessons and group lessons.

Where To Go For Private Lessons

Southern California is blessed with some of the best swing dance teachers in the world! Check out the below links.

Ben and Sheri/One2Swing (Pasadena)
Atomic Ballroom (Irvine)
Dave and Kim (Ventura)
Doug Silton (West LA)
Essex and Lee (Whittier)
Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association (Pasadena)
Rusty and her Rhythm Pals (Manhattan Beach)