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Strictly Lindy “Royal Rumble” Rules

Coming in our July 21 2012 TSS event we are introducing a new format to our annual Strictly Lindy competition.

We introduce to you the first ever Strictly Lindy “Royal Rumble” Competition

Rules, Format, And Things To Know

  • Takes place at second band break (10:45pm-ish)
  • $10 entry fee per couple (separate from event entry fee)
  • Prelims:
      All couples will be on the floor at one time and start dancing. Judges will “tap in” couples they want to see in the finals (between 4 and 6 couples).

    • Once “tapped in”, couple moving on to finals may step to the side of the floor
    • Couples not in the finals yet will keep dancing until all finalists are chosen.
    • Songs will be played for roughly a minute to two minutes, before the next song (and slightly increased tempo) will be played
  • Finals:
    • Jam style format
    • Each couple will get sixteen eight’s first time and eight eight’s second time, followed by all skate with any remaining music
    • Judges will pick first, second, and third place via relative placement
  • Judges Criteria: Technique, Timing, Teamwork, and Showmanship
  • Prizes: We will have close to $800+ in prizes total for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

    1st Place:
    $100 gift card from
    Lindy On The Rocks full passes ($180 value)
    Gold first place trophies! (invaluable value!)

    2nd Place:
    Free pair dance shoes from ($70 value)
    Camp Hollywood shoe bags ($10 value)
    Instructional DVDs from Doug Silton ($40 value)
    Silver second place trophies! (unimaginable value!)

    3rd Place: (approximately $40 value per person)
    $25 gift card from
    Third Saturday Swing passes (That’s Us!!) ($8 value)
    Bronze third place trophies! (incredible extraordinary value!)

So are you reeeeeeaady? Come out and join us as a spectator or contestant for the spectacle that will be the Strictly Lindy “Royal Rumble” Competition

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