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Items You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $3: Hunger Games Mockingjay Necklace or Bracelet

While I have been wanting to make it a tradition to put out a “things you can buy for under $3 on amazon” when our “save $3 on dance admission” prepays come up, such as these blog posts:

I did not get around to it this year. I only made it partially through. However, here are two items I am guessing will be of interest to many of our friends and swing dancers:

The Hunger Games “MockingJay” Jewelry


1. The Hunger Games Movie Necklace Single Chain “Mocking Jay”
Cost: $2.34 (listed at $19.97)

A lovely gift for your Hunger Games Fanatical Friend …


2. The Hunger Games Movie Bracelet Cord “Mockingjay”
Cost: $1.74 (listed at $14.99)

And a pretty awesome and “rugged” bracelet too!


Have fun! Enjoy!

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