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25 Items You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $3: VOLUME 2

Welcome to another “Lots of things you can get on Amazon for under $3″ post!

And that is how the “Look what I can get on Amazon for under $3″ posts were born!

Did you know there are currently a HUGE number of items on Amazon that can be purchased for under $3? Some of them are even listed as high as $49.99 that are currently discounted to $.01 !! From football boppers to solar flower toys to friendship rings to survivor kits to celphone mini tripods: … there is an amazing variety of stuff!

So now that you have your extra $3, check out our new list of 25 awesome things (amongst the many) you can get on Amazon for under $3


(By the way, there are PLENTY of things at Amazon under $3. To check out my saved search –> click here)


Here is a list of gadgets, phone stuff, random fun stuff, jewelry (yes jewelry!), some neat household things, and much more!

Here are twenty-five MORE interesting things that we like! (written in the person of a gentleman buying his lady friend a gift because..well, it makes it more interesting that way)

1. Metal Transformers Autobot & Decepticon Symbol Keychain
Cost: $2.51 (list price: $24.45)

Come on now..this frickin rocks :) And hey, one for you and one for your lady friend!


2. Mini Adjustable Tripod camera Holder for Iphone and Other Cellphone
Cost: $2.95 (list price: $7.17)

And how about this nifty gadget, to take photos of you giving all these gifts to your lovely lady!


3. LE USB 13 LED Flexible Light Lamp for Laptop
Cost: $1.93 (list price: $5.46)

Handy for reading those late night thank you notes from your lady for all the gifts .. (or heck, for DJ’ing a swing night!)


4. 6082 Mini USB Retractable Cable Optical Mouse for PC Laptop
Cost: $1.81

And heck while you’re at it, get a mouse too! With all the awesome gift purchasing and reading of thank you notes you could use a new mouse ….(or heck, for DJ’ing a swing night!)


5. 5 Pcs Stylus Set
Cost: $1.18 (list price: $24.99)

Okay so I admit that I don’t use stylus on my phone or ipad, but I was just amazed at the price cut on this from $24.99 down to $1.18. For such nice bright colors, I’m sure someone will have to appreciate them, being a legit $25 gift and all!


6. Classic Cassette Tape Soft Silicone Case Cover Skin for iPhone 5
Cost: $0.93 (list price: $9.99) this one you might keep for yourself :) But hey look at the increased level of coolness you’ll get from having this. Oh yeah!


7. Snap-on Rubber Coated BoomBox Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 4
Cost: $1.02 (list price: $25.99)

And heck, get the boom box case while you’re at it (look at that price reduction!!). Of course if you get both of the above, that also means you have TWO iphones (an iphone 4 for the BoomBox case and an iphone 5 for the casette case)…hmmmm…


8. High Output Dual USB Port Car Charger
Cost: $.96 (list price: $12.99)

But hey if you do get an iphone 4 and an iphone 5, this doohickey will help you charge both at the same time in your car! woot!


9. Three-Way Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter
Cost: $2.36

And heck get this baby plus a few more of those Dual USB chargers above and you can charge up to six phones! Which means you can get even more cases too! With those markdowns, that’s gotta be a winning plan!


10. Football Boppers Game Day Accessories
Cost: $2.89 (list price: $8.99)

By the season is upon us! What better way to help you convince your lady friend to come watch the game than to outfit you both with matching of these!


11. Pack of 30pc Natural Peacock Feathers
Cost: $2.86

And if the Football Boppers don’t warm her heart, well..THESE certainly will! What woman wouldn’t love to have her own 30pc pack of natural peacock feathers?


12. Solar Flower Toy
Cost: $.2.66 (list price $3.99)

Okay, kidding aside here, these things are *REALLY CUTE* !!


13. Dog Training Whistle UltraSonic Sound
Cost: $1.25

Okay, kidding back to the forefront … what person WOULDN’T want one of these just to test it out and see if it works? And seriously now, what a great gift for your lady friend if she wants to beat back those “dawgs”


14. Childrens Musical Percussion Instrument Wooden Castanets
Cost: $2.89 (list price: $5.99)

And now with the dogs out of the way, you can bring in that 5-piece children’s castanet percussion band to help you serenade your lady friend… ooh, the magic of castanets!


15. 48 Organza Drawstring Pouches Gift Bags Assorted Colors
Cost: $2.86

Speaking of all these awesome purchases and gifts, you’ll need bags to gift them in! Look at this package the rescue!


16. Nickel Free Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Friendship and Love Polish Finish Band
Cost: $.01 (list price: $49.99)

And as you and your lady friend are getting along, then it’s time to spring BIG TIME on jewelry, but you don’t have to at big time prices. Check out this LIST PRICE $49.99 friendship and love ring selling for … not just under $3, but for $.01 !!!!!


17. 1.50 Carat Sterling 925 Silver Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Pendant
Cost: $.01

And maybe even springing (for a whole $.01) for a lovely diamond-well-cubic-zirconia necklace! PRETTY!


18. Sterling .925 Silver EARRING with Cubic Zirconia
Cost: $.01 (list price: $20.99

And the matching earrings too! And check it out, a set of cubic zirconia necklace and matching earrings: $.02 !! If you save your $3 from pre-paying our dance, you can still pay $2.86 for 48 drawstring bags and have enough left over ($.14) to buy SEVEN matching sets of necklaces and earrings. WOW!! HOLY COW!


19. Blackhead Extractor Stainless Steel Acne Needle Tool
Cost: $1.27 (list price: $4.27)

What a cheap and easy way to clear that complexion prior to your big dates!


20. Microfiber Dusting Mitt
Cost: $2.27 (list price: $14.27)

And of course you’ll need to tidy up if she’s coming over!


21. 8ft by 10ft general purpose tarp
Cost: $2.93 (list price: $12.99)

And maybe cover up all the gifts you have been stockpiling for her!


22. 8-Pack Mosquito Repellent Coils
Cost: $2.84 (list price: $8.99)

And then when you take her for that romantic stroll on the beach …well, mosquitos kinda suck. Prepare for them!


23. Cutter 54010 Skinsations 6-Ounce Insect Repellent Pump Spray 7-Percent DEET
Cost: $2.99 (list price: $7.40)

No..seriously! Prepare for them!


24. Szco Supplies Tanto Survivor Fire starter Knife
Cost: $2.99 (list price: $29.99)

And then when you come upon some improbable situation, what better way to impress her with your MacGyver like skills with this survivor kit with knife that can also start fires!! (And look at that mark down from $29.99 to $2.99!)


25. Mini First Aid Kit
Cost: $1.01 (list price: $1.53)

And umm..just in case the fire starting goes awry.



p.s. want more items under $3? Check out our previous post!

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Cheers! Remember to save your $3 and Pre-Pay Now!!

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