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Frequently Asked Questions for Third Saturday Swing

These are some of the more often asked questions I have gotten on the phone. I have also written a “Getting Started” guide as well for the brand new budding swing dancer which you can read here.


Do I need to have a partner?

Swing and Lindy Hop is a very social dance and we all dance with each other! You should feel free to come by yourself and ask as many people to dance as you like!

If you are a bit shy, we recommend you come to the free lesson. We rotate partners throughout the lesson so it gives you a bit of a chance to meet some people before the dance. And then when the dance starts you have at least some familiarity with a few faces there for dancing a few songs.

While some people do have dance partners, just about everyone dances will dance with many people in one night, maybe 10, 20, or even 30 or more people.

How do I ask someone to dance?

Just remember to be friendly and courteous and polite. It used to be a gentlemanly thing for the man to ask the woman. These days women should also feel comfortable asking a man.

Q: “Would you like to dance?” (offer your hand)
A: “Why, yes I would love to!”

Do I need to make a reservation?

Generally, no reservation is needed! On nights we have live bands (a.k.a. special engagements) we do take pre-payments and pre-registration, but on our “general” nights (DJ’d music) you can just show up!
Kind of like a movie in the good ol’ days. Or a dance club. Or a library. Just come to the door!

Can you tell me about the complimentary lesson?

We have a complimentary lesson (with paid cover charge) from 8pm to 8:45pm. We always assume there are people brand new to dancing. That being said, we also keep in mind there may be some more experienced dancers as well. We will go over the basic, a fairly beginning move, and then an intermediate move – something tricky and fun. It is all in good fun, we definitely don’t want to scare newbies away.

Our point of the lesson is to have a great time and make sure you are prepared to have a great time the rest of the night!

What’s the dress code?

While we do not have a hard dress code, it’s nice to look ..well… nice! I would say the most casual seems to be jeans and a nice t-shirt, occasionally during the hot months we will see some nice shorts. Overall, business casual will always be a sure thing. And some people will dress up nice and/or vintage as well. As a whole we all dance with everyone regardless of dress, but it’s nice to look nice!

More importantly, swing dancing is quite athletic! So you may also want to pack a few extra shirts and a towel!

What kind of shoes do I wear?

Most important thing to remember: comfortable shoes! This is a very active dance. After that, something that won’t stick like a hard rubber sole (like tennis shoes).

For the sake of the studio, a non-marking sole.

Comfortable dress shoes are nice.

Ladies please avoid spiky heels since people can get accidentally stepped on. For ladies, Keds and Toms are popular.

If you find you end up wanting to come out a lot, you will want to consider getting a pair of tennis shoes re-soled in suede. It’s an athletic dance and tennis shoes offer a lot of comfort, and having a suede sole means no sticking!

For more information on resoling (and to see whom we have been taking our shoes to for over 10 years) check out our shoe resoling information article.

Can you suggest any music for me to practice to?

We have a great “Getting Started” guide which also includes some music recommendations. You can read that here

Where can I take lessons?

We also teach weekly lessons on Thursday nights at LindyGroove! You can read all about those lessons HERE. I’ve also written a short “lesson primer” of sorts which you can read here

Where can I go dancing?

If you are thinking of coming to our dance or have already come, chances are you live in the Pasadena area. Three places close by:

Our topmost recommendation:

LindyGroove (every Thursday)

(even if you are not from around here, you should check this out. Largest weekly Lindy dance event in the nation as far as I can tell)

Also, you can get up to date places to go dancing at the very extensive LA/OC Lindy Hop Calendar here:

LA Lindy Hop

Other places nearby:

Pasadena Ballroom Dance Association (every Saturday night in Pasadena)

Joe’s American Bar And Grill (Mon and Tues and sometimes other nights in Burbank)

We list other great places to go by day of the week HERE

I don’t see my question answered here?

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