Come join us the third Saturday every month for a night of lessons, snacks, awesome music, fun dancing, and good times with great people!

AMERICAN LEGION Post# 13, 131 N. Marengo Ave,Pasadena CA 91101. 323.459.2303

TSS November 17, 2012 EVENT INFO

FUNKY TURKEY DANCE It’s the FUNKY TURKEY DANCE! (a.k.a. Ben’s personal favorite dance of the year)

Because good music to dance to comes in all genres. This is the one night a year we spin the best and most fun music to dance to from all sorts of genres from Funk, Rock, Soul, Swing, 70′s, 80′s, and much more! Including of course … SWING! Whether you want to dance with a single partner, multiple partners, in a dance circle, or just by yourself ..this is the night we love to let loose and have fun!

Come dressed in costume! “Era Appropriate Attire Encouraged!” Prizes given out for our favorite costumes

Our feature Funky Turkey lesson: GANGNAM STYLE

Our unforgettable NON SWING JACK AND JILL
We here it is … wait for it….. LEGEN-DARY!

Free Lesson Our feature FREE lesson will be….*drum roll*

Gangnam Style!

Learn the chorus choreography plus Gangnam-Inspired dance moves ..good for dancing to any and all songs including, of course…Gangnam Style.

Free lesson from 8pm to 8:40pm. Lovingly brought to you by Roy and Jasmine

Roy Samson and Jasmine Cheung will teach a Gangnam Style Lesson!

Gangnam Style (a.k.a. Gangnam Style)

COSTUME CONTEST Don’t put those costumes away just yet … Of course all sorts of era appropriate attire encouraged! Or make your own up! And we’ll even give out prizes to our favorite costumes (or rather the people wearing our favorite costumes!)

Third Saturday Swing - Dress Up In Costume

NON-SWING JACK AND JILL COMPETITION We can’t decide if it’s more fun to watch, or more fun to participate… you come decide!!

Judging criteria:

  • Timing, Technique, Teamwork
  • Enthusiasm!
  • Having fun!

Chances are if you are an enthusiastic dancer, you will really enjoy this contest! In fact, if you ever thought you had the energy and enthusiasm to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance” but lacked the overall years of training in refined dance technique … You will DEFINITELY enjoy participating and/or watching!


  • Glory!! (of course!)
  • But also our trademark Ben-Yau-custom-designed-and-hand-made Funky Turkey Trophies
  • And a few other surprises!

Entry fee:

  • $3 (but free if you’re in costume approved by our signer-upper!)

Come join us!!

Third Saturday Swing Funky Turkey Non-Swing Jack and Jill
LOCATION Fred Astaire Dance Center
1368 N Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91104
Click Here For Map and Parking
DJs Guest DJ: Sailor Mike and Vicky Chan, House DJs: Ben and Sheri

Third Saturday Swing DJs will keep you dancing all night    

DON’T GET TOWED OR TICKETED! We love having you at our dance! Please don’t leave with a ticket or a tow!

(Click Here to get a hi-res printable version of the below parking guide, handy to keep in your car!)
Other Free snacks
Lots of parking
Free door prizes
Lots of great music, great dancing, and great people!
Cover Charge GENERAL ADMISSION: $8 at the door, $3 after 11:00pm
THANK YOU! Many thanks to our regular prize donors to our raffle prizes:
Do Something Blue
Atomic Ballroom
And a last word … Our patron saint of inspiration ..Albert Brenneman..

Where dancing is too magnificent to be confined to live in a 3′ by 1′ box or be done without the freedom to bite your lip while dancing!

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