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TSS April 20, 2013 Event Info – The Lindy Hop Pops!


It’s the Lindy Hop Pops!!

As we get on in years, things change, priorities change, lives change.


Lindy Hop is still here! And will be here for all of us!!

We’re glad to bring you our first “THEME” month for DJ’s with two of the Lindy Hop Pops including the Lindy Hop Pop founder Mike Loeza!!!

Nate Sartain and daughter Fiona    Mike Loeza and son Diego

They been around a long time and seen it all, done it all, won it all, and now these two proud poppas will be spinning together at Third Saturday Swing!

LOCATION Fred Astaire Dance Center
1368 N Lake Ave
Pasadena, CA 91104
Click Here For Map and Parking
Free Lesson Free lesson from 8pm to 8:40pm, great for people brand new to swing dancing as well as experienced beginners and intermediates! 

Brought to you by our popular guest instructors Ben and Jasmine

DJs Guest DJs: Lindy Hop Pops Mike Loeza and Nate Sartain
House DJs: Ben and Sheri

Third Saturday Swing DJ Mike Loeza

DON’T GET TOWED OR TICKETED! We love having you at our dance! Please don’t leave with a ticket or a tow!

(Click Here to get a hi-res printable version of the below parking guide, handy to keep in your car!)
Other Free snacks
Lots of parking
Free door prizes
Lots of great music, great dancing, and great people!
Cover Charge GENERAL ADMISSION: $8 at the door, $3 after 11:00pm
THANK YOU! Many thanks to our regular prize donors to our raffle prizes:
Do Something Blue
Swing Pit OC
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