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20 Items You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $3

Did you know there are currently a HUGE number of items on Amazon that can be purchased for under $3? Some of them are even listed as high as $59.99 that are currently discounted to $.01 !! From handlebar mustache rings to camera pendants to phone cases to the “Hide-A-Spare-Key” Rock … there is an amazing variety of stuff!

“But Ben, where can I find an extra $3?”

Here’s one way: You can pre-pay online now for our Holiday Bash and you get in for $12 instead of paying $15 at the door!

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So now that you have your extra $3, check out our list of 20 awesome things (amongst the many) you can get on Amazon for under $3


(By the way, there are PLENTY of things at Amazon under $3. To check it out –> click here)

Here are twenty of the more interesting things that we like! (written in the person of a gentleman buying his lady friend a gift because..well, it makes it more interesting that way)

1. Crystal Peacock Jewelry Hair Clip
Cost: $0.85 (listed at $8.99)

A lovely gift for your woman friend …


2. Retro Colorful Crystal Owl Pendant And Chain
Cost: $.89 (listed at $34.99)

Keep going with the bird theme and get her a fashionable Owl pendant and chain


3. Skidproof Sticky Pad Dash Mount For Iphone
Cost: $1.99 (listed at $6.99)

Naturally you should expect a call from your friend to thank you for the wonderful owl and peacock jewelry you’ll want your phone securely on the dash to accept the gratitude!


4. Van Gogh Decorative Notebook
Cost: $1.35

Of course now would be a great time for you to reflect on what a great gift buyer you are! (Good thing you got that pre-pay discount!)


5. Funny Gag Shocking Stick Of Gum
Cost: $0.99 (list price: $9.99)

Of course everyone loves a great gag gift..remember this one? You should reward yourself with this after being so smart on your gift giving


6. Johnson and Johnson and First Aid Kit
Cost: $3

Be prepared for shocking stick of gum gags gone wild…


7. Retro Camera Photographer Necklace
Cost: $.89 (list price: $7.99)

Win your friends back with this fashionable camera necklace … or give to any awesome photographer you know


8. EVTECH Vintage HandleBar Mustache Double Ring
Cost: $.68 (list price: $6.99)

Or perhaps this lovely vintage handlebar mustache double ring?


9. Women’s Rhinestone Accented White Face Silicone Watch
Cost: $2.50 (list price: $36.99)

Perhaps this lovely rhinestone accented watch?


10. Hello Kitty Pink Fashion Watch
Cost: $3.29

Or this cute and sassy Hello Kitty Fashion Watch? Yes, it’s above $3.00 but hey for the Hello Kitty name isn’t it worth the extra quarter and nickel?


11. Woman’s Winter Warm Knitted Crochet Beanie Hat
Cost: $2.94

And what about a nice little crochet hair beanie? (to cover up that peacock?)


12. 1.0 Carat Authentic Gemstone Sapphire Pendant In Sterling Silver
Cost: $.01 (list price $59.99)

And the creme de la creme … 1.0 carat gemstone in sterline silver. LIST PRICE: $60, your price $.01!! You can buy 298 of them for under $3, give one out every month for 24 years!!


13. Touch Screen Texting and Clicking Gloves
Cost: $1.99

By now she’s probably texting you like crazy saying “STOP ALREADY!!” .. and if you want to text her back, these gloves might come in handy!


14. Cute Panda Cartoon Soft Silicone Case For iPOD TOUCH 4
Cost: $1.99 (list price: $19.99)

And by the way, why not give her a phone case so she sees this cute little panda each time she texts you “I SAID ENOUGH ALREADY!”


15. 2 Pack Fine Sharpie Markers
Cost: $1.65 (list price $2.98)

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but when can’t anyone have extra sharpies lying around? Besides you’ll need them when you are signing all those autographs when people find out what an awesome gift buyer you are…


16. Hide-A-Spare-Key Fake Rock
Cost: $.01

In fact you’ll probably get mobbed so often you may lose your keys … lucky for you, you got this fake rock to hide a spare key. But have you ever had that problem where you don’t remember which rock? WELL NO MORE! Buy 298 of them under $3 at the price of $.01 each and make ALL your rocks a Hide-A-Spare-Key Fake Rock!


17. 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Tool
Cost: $1.04 (list price $2.49)

In case all your Hide-A-Spare-Key Fake rocks are stolen, this will at least help you survive outdoors in the wild for a little while..


18. Three Stooges Novelty Souvenier Million Dollar Bill
Cost: $1.99

And this should at least amuse you for awhile too…


19. 1000 bag .12g 6mm bbs for Airsoft Guns
Cost: $2.45

And in case you need to defend yourself from the elements.. 1000 beebees! Though I hope your throwing arm is strong .. couldn’t find any Airsoft guns for under $3 (though you never know when one might go on sale so keep searching


20. World Pride “Key To My Heart” Couple Love Keychain
Cost: $.86

And of course when your lady love realizes you stopped sending her gifts and wonders if you’re okay and comes to save you, you can give her this last gift… and live Happily Ever After!!


Want to see more items under $3? Check out Volume 2 of our list!

25 items you can buy on Amazon for under $3


Cheers! Remember to save your $3 and Pre-Pay Now!!

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