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Third Saturday Swing is brought to you by people who love dancing!

Ben and Sheri

This dynamic duo met in 1999 and quickly reached notoriety around the world through competition, teaching, and social dancing. Ben and Sheri have long been known for their creativity and musicality in dancing. As teachers, they are popular for teaching classes that are both educational and entertaining. Ben and Sheri are ecstatic to have the opportunity to bring their brand of fun and energy to their monthly swing dance: Third Saturday Swing! Come join them on the dance floor every third Saturday of the month!

You can find more of them on the web here:

One2Swing: lessons, workshops, and more

Lindy Academy / LindyGroove : weekly progressive lessons at one of the best weekly swing dance venues in the nation musings on swing dancing, geekiness, and life


Sam is our swiss army knife and helps to keep TSS running smoothly. Not only is he a teacher and valuable member of our One2Swing Jitterbugs dance team, he is the TSS volunteer coordinator, photographer, decorator, and all around fun guy and great dancer! Make sure to smile when you see his camera so we can post photos of you on our site and Facebook page!


Tao is a superwoman who has been our door person since Day 1. Masquerading as a science lab geek during the day, she’s a ballroom instructor and enthusiast by night and TSS’s hardest working woman. You will recognize her by her friendly smile as she greets you at the door (and then takes your money!) Give her a cheery hello and don’t be shy about asking her to dance either!


Vicky is our solid and reliable helper whenever we need help with anything. We especially enjoy having her as our guest DJ as we love having her friendly and humorous energy at our dances. Not to mention her wonderful DJ’ing skills (she is also the house DJ and co-organizer of LA’s biggest weekly dance venue: LindyGroove). Yay for Vicky!

Roy and Jasmine

Roy and Jasmine are our regular TSS teachers. They are seasoned dancers, competitors, performers, choreographers, and teachers and have done so all over the United States. Roy and Jasmine also teach regularly at LindyGroove as part of the weekly teacher rotation. Besides being great dancers and teachers, they are just all around fun and smiley people! Don’t be afraid to ask them to dance! They love dancing!

Our beloved DJs, Photographers, and Volunteers

We could not run TSS without the many volunteers, DJs, and photographers that donate their time, energy, and resources to help TSS run smoothly and effortlessly every single month!! A big huge huggy thank you to these guys!!